Western bean cutworm scouting thresholds exceeded in some New York regions

Western bean cutworm presence has been confirmed in 24 of 27 monitored counties across New York State as of 27 July 2020. NEWA WBC modeling suggests the 25% threshold for egg mass scouting has been exceeded in western NY and central NY, the Finger Lakes, Hudson Valley and Long Island.

Northern NY, the Southern Tier and Catskill regions lag behind other regions of the state with estimated flight completions of 0-17% but some locations could reach the 25% scouting threshold by weeks’ end.

Remember NEWA WBC estimated flight emergence values are only applicable when presence has been confirmed. Statewide WBC pheromone catch summaries can be viewed in the most recent NYSIPM Weekly Field Crops Pest Report or Sweet Corn Pheromone Trap Report, published by the New York State IPM Program.

New York State map showing western bean cutworm estimated flight completion base on a model provided by the Network for Environment and Weather Applications.

Statewide western bean cutworm estimated flight completion on 27 July 2020 using the NEWA WBC model. Detection data is provide by a statewide collaboration of NYSIPM and Cornell Cooperative Extension Specialists and Educators who check and report pheromone trap catches on a weekly basis.

This report is posted by the Network for Environment and Weather Applications (NEWA) which is part of the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University.