NY western bean cutworm crop risk outlook for 8/15/19

15 August 2019. Pheromone trap catches confirm WBC presence in all regions of New York State. NEWA WBC modeling indicates that all areas of the state have exceeded the threshold of 25% flight completion for egg mass scouting. WBC flights are expected to end within the next 7-10 days in all areas except Northern NY where estimates range from 85% to 92% flight completion.

Northern NY also experienced heavy WBC catches this week. Check this week’s NYSIPM Weekly Field Crops Pest Report for additional information.

An important reminder that WBC estimated flight emergence is only applicable when presence has been confirmed. Visit the NYSIPM Sweet Corn Pheromone Trap Report blog or NYSIPM Weekly Field Crops Pest Report, updated weekly, to find detailed WBC trap catch information for your area, along with European corn borer, corn earworm, and fall armyworm.

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