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NEWA partner faces big cuts in FY ’18 federal budget

The Network for Environment and Weather Applications has a close partnership with the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell University. NRCC builds our models, collects and manages NEWA data and provides weather expertise to inform grower tools that we all take advantage of on a daily basis.

For more than 30 years, regional climate centers throughout the United States has flourished as a result of strong Congressional support. Federal dollars provided to NRCC at Cornell University provide flexibility, technical support and weather expertise that helps inform NEWA online tools and resources.

A draft of the President’s federal budget for fiscal year 2018 has been released which could drastically reduce the amount of federal funding to NRCC by up to 80%. If approved, nearly all services provided by NRCC to NEWA will be eliminated.

If you benefit from the tools and resources provided by NEWA, please tell your local elected officials in congress that the Northeast Regional Climate Center provides critical services for you and your community. Budget cuts at NRCC will have a negative impact on NEWA and our ability to support your efforts as a grower.

For more information regarding this issue, please contact NRCC director Dr. Art DeGaetano at

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