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Rainwise/NEWA stations down

Many Rainwise stations in the NEWA network have failed to report data beginning sometime around September 15th in the afternoon. A reboot of your IP-100—turn it off and then on—may be required. The disconnect may have occurred during a server migration at Rainwise. You may have received a message from Rainwise, similar to the one below.

** Please Check Your IP-100 / Telemet – Reboot Might Be Required
Dear person’s name,

The server migration is mostly complete. We have noticed that some devices failed to switch over automatically to the new servers. Please check your weather page. If your page is not up to date you may need to power cycle your IP-100. This will unfortunately result in a few hours of lost data. If you have an affected unit we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, we did make every effort to minimize the impact on our users.

Thank you
RainwiseNet Support

The concern, at this point, is lost data that may span > 24-hr period and because so many stations in NEWA were affected, sister stations that might normally be called upon by NEWA tools to patch lost data might have no data to use as the patch, leaving the data as missing in the data queries.

Please take a moment to check your weather station data on your weather page on RainwiseNet,, to make sure it is reporting to their cloud server and, if not, power cycle your IP-100” — turn it off and then on.

Nicole Mattoon will be emailing people whose stations may be affected. Nicole just started working with IPM on NEWA, so please join me in welcoming Nicole! Her contact information is (315) 787-2624,

At Rainwise, John Stutz, is their new technical support person. His contact information is (800) 762-5723,

For future reference: Information on troubleshooting Rainwise weather stations is now available via the NEWA website, under About Weather Stations on the main menu, click on Troubleshooting Guide.