Where’s Martin?

Dr. Martin Gilbert is Wildlife Health Cornell’s Wild Carnivore Health Specialist. With his almost two decades of international experience as a field veterinarian, he has traveled the globe with a focus on deploying veterinary science to ensure wildlife conservation success.

Follow Martin as he travels around the world on his quest to secure a future for wild carnivores in the Russian Far East, Central and Southeast Asia, Africa and beyond. See what it takes to sleuth-out how endangered species are impacted by infectious diseases (for example, how free-ranging Amur tigers are affected by the canine distemper virus). Learn how diseases can also impact predator populations indirectly, in circumstances where pathogens influence the availability of prey resources.

So, join Martin as he tracks these disease processes at a landscape scale — starting with the demanding, and sometimes dangerous, muddy boots detective work he has the honor of undertaking on behalf of some of the world’s most important and inspiring wildlife and wild places.

Read about Martin's latest travels here: https://blogs.cornell.edu/wildlifehealth/category/wheres-martin/

For more information on Dr. Martin Gilbert please visit: https://www2.vet.cornell.edu/research/faculty/martin-gilbert