Aquatic Animal Health

Veterinary Training: Planetary Impact

For over 40 years we have trained Cornell DVM students in aquatic animal health, particularly as it relates to conservation. AQUAVET® was the first course of its kind in the world focused on helping students to recognize that veterinary medicine has a huge role to play in the health of the oceans, other aquatic environments, and the planet itself. AQUAVET® is available to veterinary students in North America and around the world. The program attracts forward-thinking students and instructors, producing leaders in the field of aquatic animal medicine – breaching any presumed boundaries regarding what it means to be a veterinarian.

By Peter van der Sluijs - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, From Wikimedia

Our scientists undertake research, perform diagnostics, provide rapid response pathology services, train students, and provide outreach to the public to improve and sustain aquatic ecosystem health – targeting economically and environmentally important issues in fish health in particular. We strive to understand what starts and drives epidemics, with a focus on preventing future harm to our fisheries. By creating diagnostic assays to detect diseases, isolating unique viral strains, and using DNA sequencing, we have been able to employ molecular epidemiological techniques to track pathogen spread.

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