Welcome to the Weiss Lab News!

Weiss lab members, summer 2019

What a summer it’s been! This summer, we welcomed Suzin Webb as our new lab manager! We are so happy to have you. We also had three wonderful summer students: Carla Patricia Reyes-Flores, Natrine Cheuk, and Jamie Cockey. We are so glad to have had you in the lab this summer, and we look forward to hearing what great things you accomplish in the future!

Our lab attends the 23rd Annual Buffalo DNA Replication & Repair Symposium

Thank you to the University at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and the conference organizers for a wonderful conference! Catalina, PhD candidate, presented a talk titled “9-1-1 DNA Damage Response Clamp Subunit RAD9A Promotes Checkpoint Signaling to Maintain Genomic Stability,” and Matthew and Michael, undergraduates, presented a poster titled “Multiple Mammalian 9-1-1 DNA Damage Response Complexes Are Important for Meiotic Chromosome Maintenance.”

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