We are a lab in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at Cornell University. Our research focuses on how mammalian cells maintain genomic stability and how the loss of genomic integrity and metabolic control contributes to cancer and other diseases. To safeguard against genetic alterations that could lead to cell death, premature senescence, or deregulated proliferation, cells employ a variety of mechanisms that maintain DNA replication fidelity, ensure accurate chromosome segregation, and respond to DNA lesions.

We are now accepting applications for post-doctoral and graduate positions in the lab! For more information, please visit our Join The Lab page.

The Weiss and Smolka labs have been awarded a collaborative NIH research grant!

Infertility and birth defects often arise due to improper genetic quality control during meiosis. We are working with Marcus Smolka’s lab in Molecular Biology and Genetics to resolve how the cellular DNA damage response ensures genetic quality control during meiosis and enables the efficient and accurate production of gametes. Read the article here: https://research.cornell.edu/research/genetic-quality-control-during-meiosis

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