Faculty and Staff

  • Mark E. Sorrells, Professor of Plant Breeding
  • David Benscher, Research Support Specialist
  • Alvina Gul, Visiting Scientist
  • Shantel A Martinez, Postdoctoral Associate: Identifying preharvest sprouting tolerance in Northeast wheat through genomic prediction and dormancy gene fine mapping.

Graduate Students

  • Margaret Krause:Integrating aerial high-throughput phenotyping and genomic selection in bread wheat.
  • Karl Kunze
  • Shitaye Megerssa: QTL mapping for stem rust resistance in durum wheat population.
  • Travis Rooney: Breeding maize for low-input cropping systems.
  • Dan Sweeney: Genomics-assisted breeding for disease resistance and malting quality in two-row spring malting barley
  • Ellie Taagen: Fine-mapping grain weight and shape QTL in spring wheat using heterogeneous inbred families developed from the W7984 x Opata RIL population.

Undergraduate Students

  • Jonathan Berlingeri
  • Elizabeth De Meyer
  • J. Edward Keating
  • Tess Khan
  • Marlie Lukach
  • Veronika Vogel