2019 Small Grains Performance Trials for New York now available

View the results of our  2019 small grains regional trials and the cumulative summaries over years. Because the rankings of the varieties and lines often change from year to year, only the multiple year summaries should be considered to be useful indicators of varietal performance in this region.

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We have continued to develop and test selections from our molecular marker-assisted breeding program in our soft winter wheat breeding program. Our most recent varieties are Medina (soft white) and Erie (soft red). These selections have improved resistance to preharvest sprouting and fusarium head blight combined with excellent agronomic performance. Erie is a soft red winter wheat variety released in collaboration with Ohio State University that has excellent grain yield and disease resistance to powdery mildew, leaf spot, glume blotch, leaf rust, wheat spindle streak mosaic virus, wheat soil borne mosaic virus, and moderate resistance to fusarium head blight (scab).

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