The Synchronous video usability testing method is one that can be combined with other methods such as Cognitive Walkthrough, Flash, or RAW tests. This is a great method when you want to be able to perform a usability test with remote participants but you are looking for a more face-to-face feel.

A usability test utilizing this method will require that you and your participant make a video call where you are able to talk with one another. You should have your participant share their screen so that you are able to see what they are interacting with while performing the tasks. You will be asking the participant to complete tasks like any other usability test and can either take notes yourself or have another, designated note taker.

This type of test does not require that video is recorded but it could be a good addition for other team members to be able to review at a future date. Using video software to be on a call with your user still allows for the ability to guide the test and gain additional feedback or adjust questions if necessary.


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