Some user testing methods allow for recording results to be done with a combination of video, surveys, or other note taking. The RAW and Asynchronous methods can involve video where the user’s actions, and sometimes anything they say, are recorded. These would need to be reviewed later and further notes taken depending on how in-depth the results should be. This is typically done when you are not personally giving the test to the user, so it will not necessarily produce consistent results depending on what you are trying to learn from the test.

Combining video with a survey is common, especially with Asynchronous testing, because it allows users to write any thoughts or answer questions that have been given along with the recording. If you are asking the user to describe something, these two combined can help to get what the user may be thinking and see their actions when completing a task. The most difficult part of taking notes in this fashion is making sure that you are getting consistent results from user to user, because some may not be familiar with video recording software, or some users may write more of their thoughts than others. Doing this requires more time after the test, before reporting, to sort through all of the results and compile them.