Thesis list

2020, MPS Brittany Lynn Lenze
Effects of Light with Banding and Layering Techniques on Rooting Difficult-to-Root Woody Species

2019, MS Hannah Heyman
Compost Quality Recommendations for Remediating Urban Soils

2019, PhD Miles Schwartz Sax
Queries in Quercus: From the Development of an In-vitro Clonal Propagation System to the Evaluation of Stress Tolerant Hybrid White Oaks for the Urban Environment

2018, PhD Yoshiki Harada
Biogeochemistry of the Brooklyn Grange, An Urban Rooftop Farm

2016, MPS Sean Tang
Test, Evaluate, and Compare Nutrient Holding Capacity of Two Hydrogel Products Used in CU-Structural Soil ® – Gelscape® & Biozone™

2014, MPS Bryan Denig
Selection and Propagation of Hybrid Oaks for Urban Landscapes

2014, MPS Ethan Dropkin
Flood and Drought Tolerant Trials of Select Shrub Species for Storm Water Retention Practices: Northeast and Mid Atlantic Regions

2014, MPS Patrick MacRae
Evaluation of Soil Volume Requirements for Urban Trees

2013, MS Anne Johnson
Working Toward a Micropropagation Technique for North American White Oaks

2012, PhD Frederick Cowett
Modeling Street Trees on a Statewide Basis in New York State

2011, MS Xian Gao
New Oaks for the Urban Environment: Propagation and Selection of Hybrid Oaks

2010, MPS Jennifer Thomas
Identifying Rhododendrons Tolerant of Alkaline Soil: Is Iron the limiting nutrient in high pH soils?

2010, MS/MLA Deanna Curtis
Species and Transplant Size Influence Post-Transplant Survival, Growth and Root Regeneration of Three Oak Species

2009, MS Brent Markus
Influence of container size, insulation, moisture content, and medium type on root-zone temperatures

2008, MS Edward Haffner
Porous Asphalt and Turf: Exploring New Applications Through Hydrological Characterization of CU-Structural Soil and Carolina Statlite Structural Soil.

2007, PhD Naalamle Amissah
Effects of Juvenility and Etiolation on Clonal Propagation of Quercus species.

2006, MPS Lili Herrera
The East State Street Project: Seeking Mature Tree Size Using Breakout Zones and Borrowed Soil Volume in Downtown Ithaca, New York.

2005, MPS James Blackburn
Recommended Deciduous Woody Groundcovers for Municipal Landscapes and Urban Gardens: Site Preparation, Plant Selection, Installation, and Maintenance

2003, MS Naalamle Amissah
Clonal Propagation of Quercus sp. Using a Container Layering Technique

2002, Ph.D Puay Yok Tan
Responses of Catharanthus roseus to Ash Yellows Phytoplasma Infection

2002, M.S. Peter Podaras
Propagation of Acer species under modified light environments

2001, M.S. John Jordan
The impact of root volume reduction, disturbance, and desiccation on landscape-sized tree transplanting

2001, M.S. Angela Rivenshield
Organic amendment to improve the physical qualities of compacted soils

2000, M.S. Felix Loh
Nutrient and chlorophyll status of Ficus and Poplar growing in CU-Structural Soil

2000, M.S Sunita Halasz
An ecological approach to resource inventory: an Adirondack case study

2000, M.S Karen Scott
The Influence of Mycorrhizae on Field Establishment of Cypripedium Populations in New York State

2000, Ph.D. Hector Benevidas-Meza
Variation in water relations, cold hardiness and chilling requirements among provenances of Liquidambar styraciflua L.

1999, M.S. Michelle Buckstrup
Comparing transplanting success of balled and burlapped and bare root production methods on trees in the urban environment

1999, Ph.D. Jason Grabosky
Growth responses of three tree species in sidewalk profiles.

1998, M.P.S Carol Grohs
The selection and grouping of street trees for visual compatibility

1998, M.S. Gerald A. Bond
Screening oak species for iron efficiency

1997, M.S. George Hawver
Influence of root restriction and drought stress on container grown trees: impacts on plant morphology and physiology.

1997, Ph.D. Louis B. Anella
Morphology and physiology of Acer rubrum L. populations from contrasting habitats.

1996 M.S. Michael Haug
Increasing transplant success of bare-root street trees by minimizing water stress during handling.

1996, M.S. Jason Grabosky
Developing a structural soil material with high bearing strength and increased rooting volumes for street trees under sidewalks.

1994, M.S. Anna K. Perkins
The effect of blanching, IBA concentration, and plant growth regulators on growth and over winter survival of softwood cutting propagated ornamentals.

1994, M.P.S. Barbara A. Neal
Calibrating different street tree planting specifications with tree growth: a study of Washington, D.C. area willow oaks.

1994, Ph.D. J. Roger Harris
Seasonal effects of transplantability of landscape trees: periodic root and shoot growth, seasonal transplant response and effect of dormancy.

1994, M.S. Louis B. Anella
Photosynthesis during flooding of Acer rubrum L. populations from contrasting habitats.

1993, Ph.D. Patricia A. Lindsey
Determining an adequate soil volume, improving the rooting environment, and measuring the water use of urban trees.

1992, Ph.D. Wen Q. Sun
Acceleration of root formation and growth of cuttings. I. Physical effects of stem banding on rooting and growth of cuttings. II. Auxin-induced ethylene and bud break inhibition of rooted cuttings.

1992, M.S. Susan D. Day
Effects of four compaction techniques for landscape trees on soil aeration and mechanical impedance.

1990, Ph.D. Brian K. Maynard
Physiological and anatomical factors associated with the etiolation response in cutting propagation.

1990, M.S./M.L.A. Patricia A. Lindsey
Differences in water use rates between four broad-leafed woody tree species

1990, M.L.A. Richard J. Jaenson
A statistical method for the accurate and rapid sampling of urban street tree populations.

1990, Ph.D Gordon D. Himmelman
The establishment and weed suppression abilities of selected deciduous woody groundcovers.

1990, Ph.D David B. Headley
Sodium chloride resistance in English ivy and effect of time of dormant season application of sodium chloride on injury in trees

1989, Ph.D Thomas G. Ranney
Comparative physiology and drought tolerance in selected woody plants

1989 M.L.A. Mathew D. Evans
Concrete block paving and its effectiveness as a pavement around street trees

1987, Ph.D. Donald A. Rakow
Determining adequate container dimensions: the effect of container size on the growth and water relations of Acer rubrum L. ‘October Glory’

1987, M.S. Thomas G. Ranney
The relative influence of rootstock and scion on drought tolerance in cherries

1986, M.P.S. John J. Creedon
Effects of etiolation, banding and auxin application on rooting responses of softwood cuttings of eleven difficult-to-root hardwood species.

1986, M.S. Brian K. Maynard
Etiolation and banding techniques for improving the vegetative propagation of woody ornamentals.

1985, M.P.S.Diane M. Miske Propagation of hybrid lilacs using etiolation pretreatment of the stock plants.

1985, M.S. Elizabeth P. Rabe
Distribution and growth response of Ailanthus altissima in the urban environment.

1983, M.S. Elizabeth M. Wittick
Methods for evaluating the responses of selected woody plants to drought conditions.