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First catch in Monroe County

One female SWD was caught in a trap set in a blueberry planting in Monroe County. The traps were checked on July 21, 2020. Fruit is ripe and U-pick is open. These traps are being monitored by Janet van Zoeren, Lake Ontario Fruit Program, Cornell Cooperative Extension. This marks the last county in the SWD monitoring network to reach first catch.

SWD distribution map picture showing counties that monitored SWD in 2020.
The 2020 SWD distribution map shows most counties reporting to the network had first catch in June.

The grower at this location has had an active SWD management program, including insecticide protection. The low trap catch numbers at this location likely are associated with an insecticide program being in place in the planting. As the season progresses, SWD will become more numerous and the risk of fruit infestation will become greater. Consider everything you can do to thwart this insect that either will enhance the efficacy of the insecticide management program or will lower the risk of fruit infestation.

Pest Management for SWD includes:

  • Mowing – to reduce humidity and habitat for SWD and to increase sun penetration.
  • Weed management – to reduce humidity, alternate fruiting hosts and habitat and to increase sun penetration.
  • Pruning – to reduce humidity and to increase sun and spray penetration.
  • Monitoring – to know if SWD is present and at what level.
  • Sanitation – to reduce reproduction harborage and overall SWD population.
  • Cold storage – below 37° F, to slow or kill any eggs and larvae in harvested fruit.

Learn more: SWD Management, on Cornell Fruit Resources.

Insecticide Quick Guides for NY State are found here (refresh the page to see the latest version):

For berries -

SWD Management in Blueberry

SWD Management in Raspberry and Blackberry

Learn more about SWD. Check out the information on Cornell Fruit Resources Spotted Wing Drosophila,

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