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First & sustained catch in Erie County

Sustained catch of a single male SWD in a trap set in a blueberry planting was found in Erie County. The traps were checked on June 24, 2020. Interestingly, the prior week when first catch was obtained on June 17 there were more SWD caught — one male and two females.

This can sometimes happen if weather conditions are unfavorable, extreme heat and dry conditions, or could result from insecticide applications that were made to manage SWD or other insects. These traps are being monitored by Sharon Bachman, Erie County Cornell Cooperative Extension.

So far, SWD has been caught in 21 of the 23 counties where traps are being monitored across NY State. Sustained catch – two weeks in a row – has occurred in about 11 of those counties.

Fruit is ripening across western NY and becoming susceptible to egg-laying. Brush up on SWD management, on Cornell Fruit Resources.

Learn more about SWD. Check out the information on Cornell Fruit Resources Spotted Wing Drosophila,

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