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What does SWD do in the winter?

The Sustainable SWD Management Project's November 5 webinar covered the seasonal biology and movement of SWD, "SWD in Space and Time: What do we know about the seasonal biology and movement of SWD?" The recording from the webinar is now available on the project's website. Access the recording here:

Picture showing SWD on a raspberry.
Meet and greet - male (right) and female (left) SWD - on a raspberry fruit.

You'll gain information on:

  • how SWD populations develop over time,
  • how they move during the day,
  • how they move throughout the year,
  • how they survive during the winter.

You'll learn how to apply this new knowledge to improve your SWD management practices.

The Sustainable SWD Management Project ( looks forward to sharing this information with you!

Any questions? Please contact Hannah Burrack, North Carolina State University, ( with questions. You've enjoyed Hannah's SWD photos on this blog!

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