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SWD yes in tart cherry orchards; no in berry plantings

All is quiet in the berry plantings in the SWD monitoring network - no SWD found to date. However, in tart cherry orchards in Wayne County, a single SWD has been caught in three of seven orchards where Carroll is conducting research on this insect. In two of these orchards, this is the second week a single SWD was caught, so we are at sustained trap catch. Though, thankfully, numbers are still very low, fruit is green and unsusceptible, and needed plum curculio and cherry fruit fly insecticide sprays in tart cherry orchards will knock back SWD populations.

This is proving to potentially be an early year for SWD arrival and we will continue to monitor. The cool, humid and wet weather following a relatively mild winter may have promoted better overwinter survival of SWD and fostered sustained early spring populations.

While the insecticide quick guides haven't been updated as of yet, they are still current as we know of no new materials, at least in New York, that have been labeled for SWD management. Take a look at our management resources, and plan accordingly, SWD Management.

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