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Intense learning on blueberry – sign up now!

New York State Berry Growers Association logoRegistration is now open for two Blueberry Intensive Workshops hosted by the New York State Berry Growers Association! They've partnered with experts at Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) to bring you the region’s first-ever blueberry intensives - two daylong sessions, starting at 8:30 AM:

March 5, 2019 - Ellicottville, NY in Cattaraugus County

March 14, 2019 - Millbrook, NY in Duchess County.

Register for The Blueberry Intensive Workshop — $35 for NYSBGA members; $45 for non-members.

Top professionals from Cornell University, CCE, Penn State University, Rutgers University, and more will cover don't-miss topics. Plus, successful blueberry growers will share their tips. Speakers will vary by location. Take home a resource packet of workshop materials you can refer back to every year.

Workshop Agendas. Both Blueberry Intensive Workshops include:

Choosing and prepping a site for blueberries 
Site selection and preparation — the most important aspects for long-term success! Learn how sites will impact overall plant growth, pest pressure, weed management, and fruit quality.

Blueberry diseases of note
Learn about the major diseases you need to be aware of — successful management strategies, fungicide programs, and organic tactics.

Managing blueberry insects
Main blueberry insect pests you need to know about: cranberry fruit worm, cherry fruit worm, blueberry maggot, SWD and more!

Using weather-tracking NEWA blueberry tools
Learn about upcoming NEWA berry tools that improve spray timing and IPM. Visit Bring your laptop!

Alternative options for markets
Farm to school, value added, nutraceuticals, organic wholesale — plentiful market options and demand for blueberries.

Berry Profitability Tool—knowledge is power!
Understand your expenses, how they compare, and learn how to strategize for success. Bring your expenses and plug them in to the Berry Profitability Tool. Bring your laptop!

Making it work!
David Duda, owner, Duda’s Blues Berry Farm, Machias, NY will share his success stories at the Ellicottville Workshop.
Jake Samascott, owner, Samascott Farm, Kinderhook, NY will share his success stories at the Millbrook Workshop.

Photo: R. Isaacs, Michigan State University

Blueberry nutrition
Feeding blueberries correctly — important and challenging: learn about crucial soil acidity (pH) and irrigation. Healthy plants better resist insects and diseases.

Post-harvest handling — reduce SWD, maintain quality
Get chill with your berries — remove field heat fast with forced air cooling. Maintain quality with modified atmosphere packaging and tools like a CoolBot.

Pruning correctly throughout the life of the planting
Like nutrition, good pruning builds an overall vigorous and pest durable plant. Learn how pruning tactics change as the plant moves through its juvenile period into the fruiting years.

Field Demonstrations!

Pest scouting and weed management 
Your top priority, season-long! At early pre-bud-break, learn what and how to look for: scale, mummyberry, and galls. Plus, weeds — timing herbicides and adding mulch.

Pruning demonstration
Hands-on opportunity! We’ll address cultivar differences in pruning approaches that will become obvious as we look at plants. Use a pneumatic pruner, as well as more traditional tools.

The Blueberry Intensive Workshop starts at 8:30 AM and ends at 4:30 PM. Lunch and breaks are included. DEC re-certification credits provided. Take home a resource packet of workshop materials you can refer back to every year.

Register for The Blueberry Intensive Workshop — $35 for NYSBGA members; $45 for non-members.

Register today at!


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