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SWD update

Most counties reporting in the SWD network have zero SWD captures (gray color) as of June 6, 2018.

As of 6 June 2018, no new reports of SWD trap captures in raspberry or blueberry from across the network have come in. All the NYS IPM Program's traps checked so far this week in tart cherry had zero SWD, including the site that had two females last week. In a research site where we are monitoring 36 traps in 1.5 acres of raspberries, zero SWD have been caught. Very low populations of SWD and no sustained catch has occurred to date.

Above, on the right, is the latest New York State distribution map built from data entered by the SWD monitoring network participants.

Tart cherry fruit development as of June 4, 2018. Not susceptible to SWD oviposition and infestation at this stage.

June strawberry harvest will begin this week, but the low numbers of SWD caught to date indicate low to no risk to this crop, so far.

In the Finger Lakes, Central NY and Wayne County, raspberry are just beginning to bloom.

Blueberry fruit have set, but are still green and hard.

Tart cherry are also still hard and green.

Hard, green fruits aren't susceptible to SWD infestation and don't warrant insecticidal protection.

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