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The Steinschneider Research Group explores the intersection between anthropogenic, hydrologic, and climatic systems with an emphasis on water resources planning and management. The broad goal of our research is to provide decision-centric information for the sustainable design and management of integrated water resource systems. Often this must be accomplished under an array of deeply uncertain future conditions, such as climate variability and change, alterations to the hydrologic landscape, shifts in agricultural production and energy usage, population growth, and evolving requirements to support aquatic ecosystems – all can influence (and be influenced by) our water systems. We aim to better understand these interconnections so that we can develop knowledge that promotes sustainability across the myriad of sectors linked to water resources management. This research demands an interdisciplinary approach that combines aspects of hydroclimatology, systems analysis, economics, ecology, and risk management. Our work draws upon a wide range of techniques and methods including systems simulation and optimization, hierarchical Bayesian modeling, and the study of spatiotemporal hydroclimate variability. The tools and knowledge developed through our research are applied to complex water systems to inform and improve the choices made by a diverse set of decision-makers.

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