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Adriana Hernandez

Adriana received her Bachelor’s from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where her ethnographic research on the Mescalero Apache developed into an interest in ethnobotany, and later on plant evolutionary history, CA biogeography, and systematics. Adriana appreciates that she is the product of many mentors so she is dedicated to supporting and mentoring students from under-represented communities. Although Adriana was born in Mexico City, she considers herself a native of Oxnard, California, and she enjoys cooking traditional Mexican meals in her spare time.

Adriana joined the PhD program in Plant Biology at Cornell Fall 2017.  She came across country from California, having worked as a laboratory and research assistant at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden (SBBG) where she studied population genetics, phylogeography, and ecology of several California rare, endangered, and endemic natives. Her research now focuses on exploring the diversity of plant life through systematics, the evolutionary development, and genetic regulatory networks of Calochortus.


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