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Jason Rose

Jason is an undergraduate in the CALS school at Cornell University working on a degree in Biological Sciences. Throughout his high school and undergraduate academic career he has conducted research in the fields of x-ray crystallography and brain plasticity. Now he is working on a database of the inflorescence of Allium with the help of graduate student Jesus Martinez-Gomez. This most recent project is his first venture into Bioinformatics but hopes that this will become the main focus for his studies in the future.

Jason joined the lab in January of 2017 and has stayed here ever since as a part of his participation in Cornell’s RCPRS program. He completed a summer internship with the L.H. Bailey Hortorium during the summer of 2018, including field work and collecting plants to be preserved in the herbarium at Cornell.  After completing his current project he hopes to continue working in the Specht Lab, and of course we will do whatever we can to keep him.  He is our statistics guru!

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