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Roadmap Contributors

The development of the Roadmap was the result of a collaborative effort of the New York Soil Health (NYSH) initiative coordinated by Cornell University

Roadmap Project Leader

David Wolfe, CALS Cornell University

Primary Contributors

(alphabetical order)

Greg Albrecht, New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets

Deborah Aller, Cornell Cooperative Extension, agriculture stewardship specialist, Suffolk county

Rebecca Benner, The Nature Conservancy, New York

Donn Branton, farmer (field and vegetable crops) and Western New York Soil Health Alliance

Jean-Paul Courtens, farmer (organic vegetables and field crops)

David Grusenmeyer, New York Farm Viability Institute

John Hanchar, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Northwestern New York dairy field crop economist

Elizabeth Henderson, farmer and Northeast Organic Farmer Association-New York

Cedric Mason, CALS Cornell University

Aaron Ristow, American Farmland Trust, northeast region

Matt Ryan, CALS Cornell University

Paul Salon, USDA-NRCS, northeast regional soil health specialist

Julie Suarez, CALS Cornell University

Harold van Es, CALS Cornell University

Peter Woodbury, CALS Cornell University


Other Contributors (alphabetical order)

Jim Bittner, farmer (apple grower)

Thomas Bjorkman, CALS Cornell University

Jason Cuddeback, farmer (field crops) and Cortland Soil and Water Conservation District

Karl Czymmek, CALS Cornell University

Dave DeGolyer, Western New York Crop Consultants

David Haight, American Farmland Trust

Amy Ivy, Cornell Cooperative Extension, vegetable specialist, Clinton county

Mark Joyce, Dairy One

Dennis Kirby, Western New York Soil Health Alliance

Lynn Knight, USDA-NRCS economist

Sara Latessa, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Dave Magos, farmer (dairy and field crops)

Kitty O’Neil, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Northern New York dairy field crops specialist

Greg Peck, CALS Cornell University

Rod Porter, AgriSeeds

Anu Rangarajan, CALS Cornell University

Emily Reiss, Kreher’s Poultry Fertilizer and Compost

Jack van Almelo, Agriculture Consulting Services

Jenifer Wightman, CALS Cornell University

Jeff Williams, New York Farm Bureau

Editing and Design

Kitty Gifford, Communications Consultant for CALS Cornell University


This project was made possible by a grant in support of New York Soil Health from the New York State Environmental Protection Fund, which was administered by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets. We also thank Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Cornell Cooperative Extension system for support of faculty and staff who contributed to this Roadmap effort. In addition to those acknowledged above, we would like to thank the many other stakeholders who are not named, but contributed ideas and feedback through breakout sessions at various conferences, conference calls, email correspondence, and other means.