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Cover Crops

The roots of cover crops help hold the soil in place and

thus provide resilience to soil erosion during heavy wind

or rainfall events. Some cover crops have deep and

extensive root systems that move carbon deep into the

soil profile, and can break up compacted soil layers to

improve infiltration and drainage.

Videos: Cropping Systems & Cover Crops

Sustainable Cropping Systems Lab

The Cornell Sustainable Cropping Systems Lab conducts research on cover crop interseeding, perennial grains, forage intercropping, and more. Visit website.    

Cover Crop Guide for New York Vegetable Growers

This is an online tool to help you quickly narrow the choices of cover crop for your situation. Prof. Thomas Björkman in the Horticulture Section at Cornell University developed this resource. Visit website.

Small Farms Programs – Cover Crops

Cover crops present a myriad of benefits to farmers in terms of soil health, weed suppression, improved water availability, and much more. Visit the Cornell Small Farms Program website.

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