Events / 9/13 | Soil health: The history and geographical contexts

9/13 | Soil health: The history and geographical contexts

12:20 pm - 1:10 pm
Harold van Es

Harold van Es, Cornell University professor of crop and soil sciences (CSS) | Photo credit Lindsay France (UREL) © Cornell University Marketing Group

Join us on the Cornell University campus for a soil health seminar by Dr. Harold van Es. The seminar will be held in room 135 Emerson Hall.


The concept of soil health, briefly defined as the soil’s ability to function, has gained international interest in recent years.  We mostly think of soil health as a present, localized issue, but there are important historical and geographical aspects.  We will explore recent research results on soil enhancement practices and also explore how natural and human processes have resulted in biogeochemical redistribution affecting soil health within landscapes and across the globe.


Harold van Es is a Professor of Soil and Water Management with extension, research and teaching duties. He works on approaches to precision soil management, with current emphases on a holistic soil health management framework, and a computational tool for precision nitrogen management (Adapt-N) that was recently commercialized.

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