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Earthworm and SoilScientists probe soil biodiversity’s effect on crops and carbon





jumpimg worms illustration by The AtlanticGreat story on the impacts of jumping worms featuring researcher & Cornell University Phd grad Annise Dobson.




Soil Health Institute LogoThe Soil Health Institute released an update to its state level Soil Health Policy Resources Catalog of legislative, agency, and academic policies and programs to advance soil health. We’re glad to see so much activity nationwide! In fact, in December of last year the Nebraska Healthy Soils Task Force reached out to New York Soil Health for copies of our Roadmap. View our roadmap materials here:



Soil HandsIn Ontario, Canada the On-Farm Applied Research and Monitoring (ONFARM) project was launched to bring together farmers and researchers to focus on soil health, water quality, and overall environmental stewardship.




NYS outline and farmNY State Ag Dept says $1.3 million is available to farms for environmental protection. Funding provided to on-farm projects under this program will help farmers follow conservation practice systems for improving soil health.




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Alan Alda talks with Dr. Jo Handelsman, microbiologist at the University of Wisconsin, about why both the microbes within and below us are so important to our survival.