Cover CropAnalysis IDs ag practices to fight flood, drought
A synthesis of 89 studies across six continents has helped clarify which agricultural practices hold water when it comes to helping soils soak up precipitation…



Wolfe's Neck Center logoWolfe’s Neck launches initiative to combat climate change, improve soil health, ‘change the course of human history’
Wolfe’s Neck launched the Open Technology Ecosystem for Agriculture Management (OpenTEAM), a “farmer-driven, interoperable platform to provide farmers around the world with the best possible knowledge to improve soil health,” according to the initiatives’s official description.


Farmer's MarketClean Soil Is Rejuvenating New York’s Urban Farms
Urban farms in New York are dealing with lead pollution by building soil layers up, re-using sediment soil from local building sites which would otherwise be wasted.



David Montgomery at Summit_Forget moonshots — it’s time now for a global ‘soilshot’ to address climate change

David Montgomery, professor of earth and space sciences at the University of Washington and author of Growing A Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life, comments on the IPCC’s report on Climate Change and Land.


Cover crop test plots, radish used for biotillage Photo credit: Edwin Remsberg and USDA-SARENew findings in plant root and fungal interaction help to resolve the complexity of soil carbon cycling

Two new scientific papers accentuate the role of microorganisms in organic matter accumulation and add a new piece in the puzzle of understanding the soil carbon cycle.


Compost19-Year Study Shows We’ve Been Undervaluing How Much Compost Can Boost Carbon Capture
“The surprising piece was that it raised soil carbon between one and two meters deep. Because the big question is, ‘How does the carbon get down there when we’re only applying it in the top foot?'” said Nicole Tautges, the chief cropping systems scientist at  UC Davis.


Digging deep to help Europe’s soil
European scientists have been digging deep so they can better understand the multiple threats facing soil which include erosion, pollution, decline of biodiversity and urbanisation. The scientists want to come up with better preventive measures. Watch the video:


A climate change solution that’s right under our feet
Biogeochemist Asmeret Asefaw Berhe dives into the science of soil and shares how we could use its carbon-trapping power to offset climate change.

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