Tina Owens, senior director of agriculture for Danone North America


In this interview with Tina Owens, senior director of agriculture for Danone North America, we get an update on Danone’s soil health research program launched in March 2018. They plan to commit up to $6M for the research program over the next five years.

“Through our soil health research program, Danone North America aims to identify ways to help regenerate soils – including enhancing organic matter and soil fertility with long-term benefits like soil carbon sequestration, reduced chemicals use, water holding capacity, biodiversity and economic resilience of farmer communities. In partnership with growers, dairy farmer partners and third-party soil health experts, our program includes soil sampling, review of crop yield, conversations with growers about their individual needs, data collection and analysis, first reports and field days with farmers to provide training around soil health best practices,” said Owens.

As a partner in the project Cornell Soil Health Lab is evaluating soil health to make recommendations to be implemented at participating farms.

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