Urban Soils Symposium 2018



In December the New York City Urban Soils Institute held the 3rd annual Urban Soils Symposium, “Urban Soils & Remediation Restoration Rehabilitation Regeneration Resilience”.

The event was recently covered in this Guardian article:

In a fairer world, soil would be receiving reverence from people well beyond the fourth annual NYC Urban Soils Symposium, given that the slender outer layer of the planet supports the life that treads, grows and flies above it. As it is, though, it is up to soil aficionados to extol the urban importance of this crumbly manna.


“Soil is a neglected resource; it can solve a lot of the environmental problems we have,” says Richard Shaw, a US Department of Agriculture soil scientist who grew up in urban New Jersey but was drawn to the outdoors and found himself fascinated by soils.

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