Kirsten Kurtz, manager of the Cornell Soil Health Lab, and formally trained artist, celebrates the beauty of soil by using it as a medium for painting. Kurtz recently organized a soil painting event at the Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance in Trumansburg, NY.

“We celebrate the beauty of soil at these events as well as raise public awareness of soil as a critical natural resource, as important to us as clean air and water,” said Kurtz.

Funded by: the Cornell Soil Health Laboratory, Soil and Crop Sciences and the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.
Principal artist and organizer: Kirsten Kurtz
Design: Phoebe Aceto
Supporting artists: Phoebe Aceto, Patty Chan, Shiyi Li and Alexander Fals
Video: Craig Cramer
Music: “Last Train to Rajasthan” by Richie Stearns and Rosie Newton, recorded live at Grassroots 2018

View completed painting


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