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Interest in soil health practices such as reducing tillage, planting winter cover crops, and using compost amendments has expanded greatly in recent years, yet constraints to adoption persist. Our project facilitates collaboration among the many on-going efforts across the state to implement research, outreach, and policy solutions to address these constraints.


New York Soil Health project collaborator American Farmland Trust | New York is working with Long Island and Great Lakes farmers to support trying new practices to improve soil health while maintaining economic viability.

Two of the efforts on Long Island, Zilnicki Farms and Deep Roots Farm, are highlighted in this video.

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New York Soil Health farmer survey, initial report.

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Featured Videos: A selection of talks from the July 18 New York Soil Health Summit

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Soil Health News

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7 Mar 2019

The Ontario County soil and Water Conservation District is hosting a soil health workshop in Canandaigua, NY.


3/20-3/21 Mar 2019

No-Tiller magazine is offering a free 2-day virtual event featuring a series of knowledge-building sessions taught by the foremost authorities on covers today.

The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Healthy soils = resilience and increased profits

Healthy soils = plant disease suppression

Healthy soils = improved water infiltration

Healthy soils = protection from erosion

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