COVID-19: Given the escalating  development of Covid-19, the local organizing committee together with the Stochastic Network Conference Steering Committee decided to postpone the Stochastic Networks Conference for two years, likely to June 2022.


Stochastic networks is a multifaceted area of research concerned with the modeling, stability, control, performance, approximation, and design of stochastic networks. It gives rise to challenging and subtle mathematical problems, whose solution often requires a combination of ideas and techniques from several branches of mathematics, including probability theory, stochastic processes, analysis, optimization, algorithms, combinatorics, and graph theory. Research in this area is strongly motivated by applications in diverse domains, ranging from the traditional areas of telecommunications and manufacturing to service operations, biological and social networks, revenue management, and health care.

The series of conferences on Stochastic Networks, initiated in 1987 and now held biennially, is a major forum for researchers to learn of the latest developments and new research directions in stochastic networks.

The 2016 and the 2018 stochastic network conferences were held in San Diego and Edinburgh respectively

The 2020 conference will be hosted at Cornell University.

Steering Committee:

Francois Baccelli

Sergey Foss (Co-Chair)

Kavita Ramanan

R. Srikant

Ruth Williams (Co-Chair)

Bert Zwart


Local Organizing Committee:

Jim Dai (Chair)

David Goldberg

Itai Gurvich

Jamol Pender


Scientific Committee (external members)

David Anderson

Francois Baccelli

Bruce Hajek

Mor Harchol-Balter

Ruth Williams

Ilze Ziedins

Bert Zwart