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Recent publications from the SIPS community – July 23, 2020

Urban Rooftop Agriculture: Challenges to Science and Practice

Harada, Y., and Whitlow, T. H. 2020. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems 4.

Ectopic expression of miRNA172 in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) reveals novel function in fruit development through regulation of an AP2 transcription factor.

Chung, M.-Y., Nath, U. K., Vrebalov, J., Gapper, N., Lee, J. M., Lee, D.-J., Kim, C. K., and Giovannoni, J. 2020. BMC plant biology 20:283.

The Leaf Economics Spectrum Constrains Phenotypic Plasticity Across a Light Gradient.

Chen, X., Sun, J., Wang, M., Lyu, M., Niklas, K. J., Michaletz, S. T., Zhong, Q., and Cheng, D. 2020. Frontiers in Plant Science 11.

Cercospora beticola: The intoxicating lifestyle of the leaf spot pathogen of sugar beet.

Rangel, L. I., Spanner, R. E., Ebert, M. K., Pethybridge, S. J., Stukenbrock, E. H., de Jonge, R., Secor, G. A., and Bolton, M. D. 2020. Molecular Plant Pathology 21:1020-1041.

The Frequency of Sex: Population Genomics Reveals Differences in Recombination and Population Structure of the Aflatoxin-Producing Fungus Aspergillus flavus

Drott, M. T., Satterlee, T. R., Skerker, J. M., Pfannenstiel, B. T., Glass, N. L., Keller, N. P., and Milgroom, M. G. 2020. mBio 11:e00963-00920.

A genome resource of Setosphaeria turcica, causal agent of northern leaf blight of maize.

Cao, Z., Zhang, K., Guo, X., Turgeon, G., and Dong, J. 2020. Phytopathology 0:null.

Soil Nitrogen Fertilization Increases Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen Concentrations in ‘Golden Russet’ and ‘Medaille d’Or’ Apples Used for Cider Production.

Karl, A. D., Brown, M. G., Ma, S., Sandbrook, A., Stewart, A. C., Cheng, L., Mansfield, A. K., and Peck, G. M. 2020. HortScience 1.

Foliar Urea Applications Increase Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen Concentration and Alcoholic Fermentation Rate in ‘Red Spy’ Apples Used for Cider Production

Karl, A. D., Brown, M. G., Ma, S., Sandbrook, A., Stewart, A. C., Cheng, L., Mansfield, A. K., and Peck, G. M. 2020. HortScience 1.

Black plastic tarps advance organic reduced tillage II: Impacts on weeds and beet yield.

Rylander, H.R., Rangarajan, A., Maher, R.M., Hutton, M.G., Rowley, N.W., McGrath, M.T., and Sexton, Z.F. 2020. HortScience 55:826-831.

Black Plastic Tarps Advance Organic Reduced Tillage I: Impact on Soils, Weed Seed Survival, and Crop Residue.

Rylander, H., Rangarajan, A., Maher, R. M., Hutton, M. G., Rowley, N. W., McGrath, M. T., and Sexton, Z. F. 2020.   55:819.

Ten Years of the Maize Nested Association Mapping Population: Impact, Limitations, and Future Directions.

Gage, J. L., Monier, B., Giri, A., and Buckler, E. S. 2020.  The Plant Cell 32:2083-2093.

Removal of atmospheric CO2 by rock weathering holds promise for mitigating climate change.

Lehmann, J. and Possiger, A. 2020.  Nature 583: 204-205.

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