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Recent publications from the SIPS community – June 4, 2020

The Evolution of an Invasive Plant, Sorghum halepense L. (‘Johnsongrass’)

Paterson, A. H., Kong, W., Johnston, R. M., Nabukalu, P., Wu, G., Poehlman, W. L., Goff, V. H., Isaacs, K., Lee, T.-H., Guo, H., Zhang, D., Sezen, U. U., Kennedy, M., Bauer, D., Feltus, F. A., Weltzien, E., Rattunde, H. F., Barney, J. N., Barry, K., Cox, T. S., and Scanlon, M. J. 2020. Frontiers in Genetics 11.

Peas in Physiology of Vegetable Crops, 2nd Edition

Peter J. Davies and Frederick J. Muehlbauer, edited by H.C. Wien and H. Stützel, published by CABI International, Wallingford UK May 2020  pp 287-316.  (512 Pages) ISBN-13: 978-1786393777

Biochar addition leads to more soil organic carbon sequestration under a maize-rice cropping system than continuous flooded rice

Mehmood, I., Qiao, L., Chen, H., Tang, Q., Woolf, D., and Fan, M. 2020. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 298:106965.

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