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Recent publications from the SIPS community – March 26, 2020

Association mapping and genetic dissection of drought-induced canopy temperature differences in rice

Melandri, G., Prashar, A., McCouch, S. R., van der Linden, G., Jones, H. G., Kadam, N., Jagadish, K., Bouwmeester, H., and Ruyter-Spira, C. 2019. Journal of Experimental Botany 71:1614-1627.

Geographic variation in the genetic basis of resistance to leaf rust between locally adapted ecotypes of the biofuel crop switchgrass (Panicum virgatum)

VanWallendael, A., Bonnette, J., Juenger, T. E., Fritschi, F. B., Fay, P. A., Mitchell, R. B., Lloyd-Reilley, J., Rouquette Jr, F. M., Bergstrom, G. C., and Lowry, D. B. 2020. New Phytologist n/a.

Metabolome-Scale Genome-Wide Association Studies Reveal Chemical Diversity and Genetic Control of Maize Specialized Metabolites

Zhou, S., Kremling, K. A., Bandillo, N., Richter, A., Zhang, Y. K., Ahern, K. R., Artyukhin, A. B., Hui, J. X., Younkin, G. C., Schroeder, F. C., Buckler, E. S., and Jander, G. 2019. The Plant Cell 31:937-955.

 Cutin and suberin: assembly and origins of specialized lipidic cell wall scaffolds

Philippe, G., Sørensen, I., Jiao, C., Sun, X., Fei, Z., Domozych, D. S., and Rose, J. K. C. 2020. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 55:11-20.

Identification of Phloem Mobile mRNAs Using the Solanaceae Heterograft System

Xia C., Zheng Y., Huang J., Fei Z., Zhang C. 2019. In: Liesche J. (eds) Phloem. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 2014. Humana, New York, NY

 Tomato stigma exsertion induced by high temperature is associated with the jasmonate signalling pathway

Pan, C., Yang, D., Zhao, X., Jiao, C., Yan, Y., Lamin-Samu, A. T., Wang, Q., Xu, X., Fei, Z., and Lu, G. 2019. Plant, Cell & Environment 42:1205-1221.

Complete Genome Sequence of the Necrotrophic Plant-Pathogenic Bacterium Pectobacterium brasiliense 1692

Liu, Y., and Filiatrault, M. J. 2020. Microbiology Resource Announcements 9:e00037-00020.

Genome sequence of the chestnut blight fungus Cryphonectria parasitica EP155: A fundamental resource for an archetypical invasive plant pathogen

Crouch, J. A., Dawe, A., Aerts, A., Barry, K., Churchill, A. C. L., Grimwood, J., Hillman, B., Milgroom, M. G., Pangilinan, J., Smith, M., Salamov, A., Schmutz, J., Yadav, J., Grigoriev, I. V., and Nuss, D. 2020. Phytopathology 0:null.

101 Dothideomycetes genomes: A test case for predicting lifestyles and emergence of pathogens

Haridas, S., Albert, R., Binder, M., Bloem, J., LaButti, K., Salamov, A., Andreopoulos, B., Baker, S. E., Barry, K., Bills, G., Bluhm, B. H., Cannon, C., Castanera, R., Culley, D. E., Daum, C., Ezra, D., González, J. B., Henrissat, B., Kuo, A., Liang, C., Lipzen, A., Lutzoni, F., Magnuson, J., Mondo, S. J., Nolan, M., Ohm, R. A., Pangilinan, J., Park, H. J., Ramírez, L., Alfaro, M., Sun, H., Tritt, A., Yoshinaga, Y., Zwiers, L. H., Turgeon, B. G., Goodwin, S. B., Spatafora, J. W., Crous, P. W., and Grigoriev, I. V. 2020. Studies in Mycology 96:141-153.

Pod Dehiscence in Hairy Vetch (Vicia villosa Roth)

Kissing Kucek, L., Riday, H., Rufener, B. P., Burke, A. N., Eagen, S. S., Ehlke, N., Krogman, S., Mirsky, S. B., Reberg-Horton, C., Ryan, M. R., Wayman, S., and Wiering, N. P. 2020. Frontiers in Plant Science 11.

Transcriptome analyses provide insights into development of the Zingiber zerumbet flower, revealing potential genes related to floral organ formation and patterning.

Zhao, T., Specht, C. D., Dong, Z., Ye, Y., Liu, H., and Liao, J. 2020. Plant Growth Regulation 90:331-345.

Assessing protein sequence database suitability using de novo sequencing

Johnson, R., Searle, B. C., Nunn, B. L., Gilmore, J. M., Phillips, M., Amemiya, C. T., Heck, M., and MacCoss, M. J. 2019. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics TIR119.001752.


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