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Recent publications from the SIPS community – February 20, 2020

Primary Metabolism in Fresh Fruits During Storage

Brizzolara, S., Manganaris, G. A., Fotopoulos, V., Watkins, C. B., and Tonutti, P. 2020. Frontiers in Plant Science 11.

Cross-Infectivity of Powdery Mildew Isolates Originating from Hemp (Cannabis sativa) and Japanese Hop (Humulus japonicus) in New York

Weldon, W. A., Ullrich, M. R., Smart, L. B., Smart, C. D., and Gadoury, D. M. Plant Health Progress 0:47-53.

A Small RNA-Mediated Regulatory Network in Arabidopsis thaliana Demonstrates Connectivity Between phasiRNA Regulatory Modules and Extensive Co-Regulation of Transcription by miRNAs and phasiRNAs

Vargas-Asencio, J. A., and Perry, K. L. 2020. Frontiers in Plant Science 10.

International Plant Pathology: Past and Future Contributions to Global Food Security

Nelson, R. 2020. Phytopathology 110:245-253.

Exceptional subgenome stability and functional divergence in the allotetraploid Ethiopian cereal teff

VanBuren, R., Man Wai, C., Wang, X., Pardo, J., Yocca, A. E., Wang, H., Chaluvadi, S. R., Han, G., Bryant, D., Edger, P. P., Messing, J., Sorrells, M. E., Mockler, T. C., Bennetzen, J. L., and Michael, T. P. 2020. Nature communications 11:884.

Maize genomes to fields (G2F): 2014-2017 field seasons: genotype, phenotype, climatic, soil, and inbred ear image datasets

McFarland, B. A., AlKhalifah, N., Bohn, M., Bubert, J., Buckler, E. S., Ciampitti, I., Edwards, J., Ertl, D., Gage, J. L., Falcon, C. M., Flint-Garcia, S., Gore, M. A., Graham, C., Hirsch, C. N., Holland, J. B., Hood, E., Hooker, D., Jarquin, D., Kaeppler, S. M., Knoll, J., Kruger, G., Lauter, N., Lee, E. C., Lima, D. C., Lorenz, A., Lynch, J. P., McKay, J., Miller, N. D., Moose, S. P., Murray, S. C., Nelson, R., Poudyal, C., Rocheford, T., Rodriguez, O., Romay, M. C., Schnable, J. C., Schnable, P. S., Scully, B., Sekhon, R., Silverstein, K., Singh, M., Smith, M., Spalding, E. P., Springer, N., Thelen, K., Thomison, P., Tuinstra, M., Wallace, J., Walls, R., Wills, D., Wisser, R. J., Xu, W., Yeh, C.-T., and de Leon, N. 2020. BMC research notes 13:71-71.

The Oxylipin Signaling Pathway Is Required for Increased Aphid Attraction and Retention on Virus-Infected Plants

Bera, S., Blundell, R., Liang, D., Crowder, D. W., and Casteel, C. L. 2020. Journal of Chemical Ecology.

Soil organic matter attenuates the efficacy of flavonoid-based plant-microbe communication

Del Valle, I., Webster, T. M., Cheng, H.-Y., Thies, J. E., Kessler, A., Miller, M. K., Ball, Z. T., MacKenzie, K. R., Masiello, C. A., Silberg, J. J., and Lehmann, J. 2020. Science Advances 6:eaax8254.

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