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Recent publications from the SIPS community – February 13, 2020

Directions for research and training in plant omics: Big Questions and Big Data

Argueso, C. T., Assmann, S. M., Birnbaum, K. D., Chen, S., Dinneny, J. R., Doherty, C. J., Eveland, A. L., Friesner, J., Greenlee, V. R., Law, J. A., Marshall-Colón, A., Mason, G. A., O’Lexy, R., Peck, S. C., Schmitz, R. J., Song, L., Stern, D., Varagona, M. J., Walley, J. W., and Williams, C. M. 2019.  Plant Direct 3:e00133.

Associations between genomic ancestry, genome size and capitula morphology in the invasive meadow knapweed hybrid complex (Centaurea × moncktonii) in eastern North America

Lachmuth, S., Molofsky, J., Milbrath, L., Suda, J., and Keller, S. R. 2019. AoB PLANTS 11.

Biochemical and physiological flexibility accompanies reduced cellulose biosynthesis in Brachypodium cesa1S830N

Brabham, C., Singh, A., Stork, J., Rong, Y., Kumar, I., Kikuchi, K., Yingling, Y. G., Brutnell, T. P., Rose, J. K. C., and Debolt, S. 2019.  AoB PLANTS 11.

Management of Fire Blight Using Pre-bloom Application of Prohexadione-Calcium

Wallis, A. E., and Cox, K. D. Plant Disease 0:PDIS-09-19-1948-RE.

Morphological dissection and cellular and transcriptome characterizations of bamboo pith cavity formation reveal a pivotal role of genes related to programmed cell death.

Guo, L., Sun, X., Li, Z., Wang, Y., Fei, Z., Jiao, C., Feng, J., Cui, D., Feng, X., Ding, Y., Zhang, C., and Wei, Q. 2019.  Plant Biotechnology Journal 17:982-997.

Paraburkholderia madseniana sp. nov., a phenolic acid-degrading bacterium isolated from acidic forest soil.

Wilhelm, R. C., Murphy, S. J. L., Feriancek, N. M., Karasz, D. C., DeRito, C. M., Newman, J. D., and Buckley, D. H. 2020. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology.

Stem and leaf growth rates define the leaf size vs. number trade-off

Sun, J., Wang, M., Lyu, M., Niklas, K. J., Zhong, Q., Li, M., and Cheng, D. 2019. AoB PLANTS 11.

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