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Recent publications from the SIPS community – November 7, 2019

Produce Buyer Quality Requirements to Form an Eastern Broccoli Industry

Coles, P. S., Jiayi, D., Gómez, M. I., and Björkman, T. 2019. Journal of Food Distribution Research 50:63-83.

Improving fungicide-based management of Cercospora leaf spot in table beet in New York, USA

Pethybridge, S. J., Sharma, S., Hansen, Z., Vaghefi, N., Hanson, L. E., and Kikkert, J. R. 2019. Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology:null-null.

Where are they hiding? Testing the body snatchers hypothesis in pyrophilous fungi

Raudabaugh, D. B., Matheny, P. B., Hughes, K. W., Iturriaga, T., Sargent, M., and Miller, A. N. 2020. Fungal Ecology 43:100870.

Low temperature enhances plant immunity via salicylic acid pathway genes that are repressed by ethylene

Li, Z., Liu, H., Ding, Z., Yan, J., Yu, H., Pan, R., Hu, J., Guan, Y., and Hua, J. 2020. Plant Physiology:pp.01130.02019.

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