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Recent publications from the SIPS community – September 19, 2019

Lessons from One Fastidious Bacterium to Another: What Can We Learn about Liberibacter Species from Xylella fastidiosa

Kruse, A., Fleites, L. A., and Heck, M. 2019. Insects 10:300.

Dominic Woolf: Studying soil and biochar for carbon dioxide removal.

Stover, D. 2019. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 75:229-235.

Mark E. Sorrells: Plant Breeder, Geneticist, Innovator, Mentor

Gul, A. , Diepenbrock, C. H., Breseghello, F. , Minella, E. , Munkvold, J. D., Paterson, A. H., Kucek, L. K., Souza, E. , Rota, M. , Yu, L. , Yu, J. , Ma, Z. , Deynze, A. , Rutkoski, J. , Heffner, E. L., Silva, J. and Sanchez, J. I. 2019. Pages 1-38 in: Plant Breeding Reviews.

AhFRDL1-mediated citrate secretion contributes to adaptation to iron deficiency and aluminum stress in peanuts

Qiu, W., Wang, N., Dai, J., Wang, T., Kochian, L. V., Liu, J., and Zuo, Y. 2019. Journal of Experimental Botany 70:2873-2886.

Natural variations of growth thermo-responsiveness determined by SAUR26/27/28 proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana

Wang, Z., Yang, L., Liu, Z., Lu, M., Wang, M., Sun, Q., Lan, Y., Shi, T., Wu, D., and Hua, J. 2019. New Phytologist 224:291-305.

Suboptimal oviposition of tephritid flies supports parasitoid wasps

Xi, X., Zhang, L., Zhang, B., Dong, Y., Niklas, K. J., and Sun, S. 2019. Ecological Entomology 44:717-720.

Ferns: The Final Frond-tier in Plant Model Systems

Petlewski, A. R., and Li, F.-W. 2019. American Fern Journal 109:192-211, 120.

An Illustrated Guide to Common Plants of San Salvador Island, Bahamas, 3rd edition

Kass, L.B. 2019. Gerace Research Centre, San Salvador, Bahamas. 183 pp. (Issued Sept. 2019, reprint with corrections of original work published ©2009/issued 2011).

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