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Recent publications from the SIPS community – September 12, 2019

Evolutionary characteristics of intergenic transcribed regions indicate rare novel genes and widespread noisy transcription in the Poaceae

Lloyd, J. P., Bowman, M. J., Azodi, C. B., Sowers, R. P., Moghe, G. D., Childs, K. L., and Shiu, S.-H. 2019. Scientific Reports 9:12122.

Economic Responses of Maize, Soybean, and Wheat in Three Rotations under Conventional and Organic Systems

Cox, W., Hanchar, J. J., Cherney, J., and Sorrells, M. 2019. Agronomy 9:424.

Urban Grassland Management Implications for Soil C and N Dynamics: A Microbial Perspective

Thompson, G. L., and Kao-Kniffin, J. 2019. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 7.

Nodulation of beans with inoculant carriers from pyrolyzed and non-pyrolyzed sugarcane bagasse in response to different pre-planting water availability

Güereña, D. T., Lehmann, J., Thies, J. E., Vanek, S., Karanja, N., and Neufeldt, H. 2019. Applied Soil Ecology 143:126-133.

Apple Scion and Rootstock Contribute to Nutrient Uptake and Partitioning under Different Belowground Environments

Valverdi, N. A., Cheng, L., and Kalcsits, L. 2019. Agronomy 9:415.

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