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Recent publications from the SIPS community – September 5, 2019

A CLE–SUNN module regulates strigolactone content and fungal colonization in arbuscular mycorrhiza

Müller, L. M., Flokova, K., Schnabel, E., Sun, X., Fei, Z., Frugoli, J., Bouwmeester, H. J., and Harrison, M. J. 2019. Nature Plants.

Signal coordination before, during and after stomatal closure in response to drought stress

Huber, A. E., Melcher, P. J., Piñeros, M. A., Setter, T. L., and Bauerle, T. L. New Phytologist 0.

Heterologous expression of the apple hexose transporter MdHT2.2 altered sugar concentration with increasing cell wall invertase activity in tomato fruit

Wang, Z., Wei, X., Yang, J., Li, H., Ma, B., Zhang, K., Zhang, Y., Cheng, L., Ma, F., and Li, M. Plant Biotechnology Journal 0.

Differences in gene expression in whitefly associated with CYSDV-infected and virus-free melon, and comparison with expression in whiteflies fed on ToCV- and TYLCV-infected tomato

Kaur, N., Chen, W., Fei, Z., and Wintermantel, W. M. 2019. BMC Genomics 20:654.

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