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Recent publications from the SIPS community – June 13, 2019

Towards applying N balance as a sustainability indicator for the US Corn Belt: realistic achievable targets, spatio-temporal variability and policy implications

Sela, S., Woodbury, P.B., Marjerison, R., and van Es, H.M. 2019.  Environmental Research Letters 14:064015.

Comprehensive transcriptome analysis and functional characterization of PR-5 for its involvement in tomato Sw-7 resistance to tomato spotted wilt tospovirus

Padmanabhan, C., Ma, Q., Shekasteband, R., Stewart, K.S., Hutton, S.F., Scott, J.W., Fei, Z., and Ling, K.-S. 2019. Scientific Reports 9:7673.

In-planta expression of insecticidal proteins provides protection against lepidopteran insects

Rauf, I., Javaid, S., Naqvi, R.Z., Mustafa, T., Amin, I., Mukhtar, Z., Jander, G., and Mansoor, S. 2019. Scientific Reports 9:6745.

Developing a Pre-flight Safety Plan for UAV/UAS Operations for Cornell Cooperative Extension

Grantham, D. G., Freeborn E., Gambold, K., and Hoskins, S. 2019. Cornell Cooperative Extension Bulletin

Engineering partial resistance to cucumber mosaic virus in tobacco using intrabodies specific for the viral polymerase

Matić, S., Noris, E., Contin, R., Marian, D., and Thompson, J.R. 2019. Phytochemistry 162:99-108.

Reduced response diversity does not negatively impact wheat climate resilience

Snowdon, R.J., Stahl, A., Wittkop, B., Friedt, W., Voss-Fels, K., Ordon, F., Frisch, M., Dreisigacker, S., Hearne, S.J., Bett, K.E., Cuthbert, R.D., Bentley, A.R., Melchinger, A.E., Tuberosa, R., Langridge, P., Uauy, C., Sorrells, M.E., Poland, J., and Pozniak, C.J. 2019. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116:10623-10624.

Characterization of the VisdhC and VisdhD Genes in Venturia inaequalis, and Sensitivity to Fluxapyroxad, Pydiflumetofen, Inpyrfluxam, and Benzovindiflupyr

Ayer, K.M., Villani, S.M., Choi, M.-W., and Cox, K.D. 2018. Plant Disease 103:1092-1100.

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