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Recent publications from the SIPS community – May 23, 2019

Phoma Leaf Spot Susceptibility and Horticultural Characteristics of Table Beet Cultivars in New York

Koenick, L.B., Kikkert, J.R., and Pethybridge, S.J. 2019. Plant Health Progress:95-103.

Base Editors and Off-Targeting: The Deaminase Matters

Willmann, M. 2019. The CRISPR Journal 2:71-73.

Cover Crop Species and Cultivars for Drill-Interseeding in Mid-Atlantic Corn and Soybean

Caswell, K., Wallace, J.M., Curran, W.S., Mirsky, S.B., and Ryan, M.R. 2019. Agronomy Journal 111:1060-1067.

Two new species of Nolina (Nolinoideae: Asparagaceae) endemic to Western Mexico


Nitrogen Management of Brachytic Dwarf Brown Midrib Forage Sorghum in New York

Lyons, S.E., Ketterings, Q.M., Godwin, G.S., Cherney, D.J., Cherney, J.H., Meisinger, J.J., and Kilcer, T.F. 2019. Agronomy Journal 111:1468-1477.

Apple whole genome sequences: recent advances and new prospects

Peace, C.P., Bianco, L., Troggio, M., van de Weg, E., Howard, N.P., Cornille, A., Durel, C.-E., Myles, S., Migicovsky, Z., Schaffer, R.J., Costes, E., Fazio, G., Yamane, H., van Nocker, S., Gottschalk, C., Costa, F., Chagné, D., Zhang, X., Patocchi, A., Gardiner, S.E., Hardner, C., Kumar, S., Laurens, F., Bucher, E., Main, D., Jung, S., and Vanderzande, S. 2019. Horticulture Research 6:59.

Identification of FT family genes that respond to photoperiod, temperature and genotype in relation to flowering in cassava (Manihot esculenta, Crantz)

Adeyemo, O.S., Hyde, P.T., and Setter, T.L. 2019. Plant Reproduction 32:181-191.

Extreme variation in rates of evolution in the plastid Clp protease complex

Williams, A.M., Friso, G., van Wijk, K.J., and Sloan, D.B. 2019. The Plant Journal 98:243-259.

On the Interpretation of the Normalization Constant in the Scaling Equation

Niklas, K.J., and Hammond, S.T. 2019. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 6.


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