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Recent publications from the SIPS community – April 18, 2019

Cercis: A Non-polyploid Genomic Relic Within the Generally Polyploid Legume Family

Stai, J.S., Yadav, A., Sinou, C., Bruneau, A., Doyle, J.J., Fernández-Baca, D., and Cannon, S.B. 2019. Frontiers in Plant Science 10.

Evidence for the splicing of grablovirus transcripts reveals a putative novel open reading frame

Vargas-Asencio, J., Liou, H., Perry, K.L., and Thompson, J.R. 2019. Journal of General Virology 100:709-720.

Apple. In: Postharvest Physiological Disorders in Fruits and Vegetables

Watkins, C.B., Mattheis, J.P. 2019. Chapter 8, p165-206. de Freitas, S.T., Pareek, S. (Eds.), CRC Press, ISBN 9781138035508

Breaking the curse of dimensionality to identify causal variants in Breeding 4

Ramstein, G.P., Jensen, S.E., and Buckler, E.S. 2019. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 132:559-567.

Rootstocks influence the salt tolerance of Kinnow mandarin trees by altering the antioxidant defense system, osmolyte concentration, and toxic ion accumulation

Shahid, M.A., Balal, R.M., Khan, N., Simón-Grao, S., Alfosea-Simón, M., Cámara-Zapata, J.M., Mattson, N.S., and Garcia-Sanchez, F. 2019. Scientia Horticulturae 250:1-11.

12-Oxo-Phytodienoic Acid Acts as a Regulator of Maize Defense against Corn Leaf Aphid

Varsani, S., Grover, S., Zhou, S., Koch, K.G., Huang, P.-C., Kolomiets, M.V., Williams, W.P., Heng-Moss, T., Sarath, G., Luthe, D.S., Jander, G., and Louis, J. 2019. Plant Physiology 179:1402-1415.

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