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Recent publications from the SIPS community – March 7, 2019

Connecting the pieces: uncovering the molecular basis for long-distance communication through plant grafting.

Thomas, H.R., and Frank, M.H. 2019.  New Phytologist 0.

A new cupressaceous wood from the Lower Cretaceous of Central Patagonia reveals possible clonal growth habit

Nunes, C.I., Bodnar, J., Escapa, I.H., Gandolfo, M.A., and Cúneo, N.R. 2019. Cretaceous Research.

A DNase from a Fungal Phytopathogen Is a Virulence Factor Likely Deployed as Counter Defense against Host-Secreted Extracellular DNA

Park, H.-J., Wang, W., Curlango-Rivera, G., Xiong, Z., Lin, Z., Huskey, D.A., Hawes, M.C., VanEtten, H.D., and Turgeon, B.G. 2019. mBio 10:e02805-02818.

Soil Macroinvertebrate Presence Alters Microbial Community Composition and Activity in the Rhizosphere

Bray, N., Kao-Kniffin, J., Frey, S.D., Fahey, T., and Wickings, K. 2019. Frontiers in Microbiology 10.

Carbonate determination in soils by mid-IR spectroscopy with regional and continental scale models.

Comstock, J.P., Sherpa, S.R., Ferguson, R., Bailey, S., Beem-Miller, J.P., Lin, F., Lehmann, J., and Wolfe, D.W. 2019. PLOS ONE 14:e0210235.

Stem Diameter (and Not Length) Limits Twig Leaf Biomass

Sun, J., Wang, M., Lyu, M., Niklas, K.J., Zhong, Q., Li, M., and Cheng, D. 2019. Frontiers in Plant Science 10.

Breakdown of species boundaries in Mandevilla: floral morphological intermediacy, novel fragrances and asymmetric pollen flow

Rubini Pisano, A., Moré, M., Cisternas, M.A., Raguso, R.A., and Benitez-Vieyra, S. 2019. Plant Biology 21:206-215.

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