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Recent publications from the SIPS community – February 28, 2019

The global burden of pathogens and pests on major food crops

Savary, S., Willocquet, L., Pethybridge, S.J., Esker, P., McRoberts, N., and Nelson, A. 2019. Nature Ecology & Evolution.


WAYNE, R. 2019. The African Review of Physics 13:0022

The tomato Pto gene confers resistance to Pseudomonas floridensis, an emergent plant pathogen with just nine type III effectors

Eckshtain-Levi, N., Lindeberg, M., Vallad, G.E., and Martin, G.B. Plant Pathology 0.

Advancing Terrestrial Ecosystem Science With a Novel Automated Measurement System for Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence for Integration With Eddy Covariance Flux Networks

Gu, L., Wood, J.D., Chang, C.Y.-Y., Sun, Y., and Riggs, J.S. 2019. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 124:127-146.

Breeding progress and preparedness for mass-scale deployment of perennial lignocellulosic biomass crops switchgrass, miscanthus, willow and poplar

Clifton-Brown, J., Harfouche, A., Casler, M.D., Dylan Jones, H., Macalpine, W.J., Murphy-Bokern, D., Smart, L.B., Adler, A., Ashman, C., Awty-Carroll, D., Bastien, C., Bopper, S., Botnari, V., Brancourt-Hulmel, M., Chen, Z., Clark, L.V., Cosentino, S., Dalton, S., Davey, C., Dolstra, O., Donnison, I., Flavell, R., Greef, J., Hanley, S., Hastings, A., Hertzberg, M., Hsu, T.-W., Huang, L.S., Iurato, A., Jensen, E., Jin, X., Jørgensen, U., Kiesel, A., Kim, D.-S., Liu, J., McCalmont, J.P., McMahon, B.G., Mos, M., Robson, P., Sacks, E.J., Sandu, A., Scalici, G., Schwarz, K., Scordia, D., Shafiei, R., Shield, I., Slavov, G., Stanton, B.J., Swaminathan, K., Taylor, G., Torres, A.F., Trindade, L.M., Tschaplinski, T., Tuskan, G.A., Yamada, T., Yeon Yu, C., Zalesny Jr, R.S., Zong, J., and Lewandowski, I. 2019. GCB Bioenergy 11:118-151.

Ethylene signaling regulates natural variation in the abundance of antifungal acetylated diferuloylsucroses and Fusarium graminearum resistance in maize seedling roots

Zhou, S., Zhang, Y.K., Kremling, K.A., Ding, Y., Bennett, J.S., Bae, J.S., Kim, D.K., Ackerman, H.H., Kolomiets, M.V., Schmelz, E.A., Schroeder, F.C., Buckler, E.S., and Jander, G. 2019. New Phytologist 221:2096-2111.

Phytophthora infestans RNA virus 2, a novel RNA virus from Phytophthora infestans, does not belong to any known virus group

Cai, G., Myers, K., Fry, W.E., and Hillman, B.I. 2019. Archives of Virology 164:567-572.

Transcriptomic analysis of cultivated cotton Gossypium hirsutum provides insights into host responses upon whitefly-mediated transmission of cotton leaf curl disease.

Naqvi, R.Z., Zaidi, S.S.-e.-A., Mukhtar, M.S., Amin, I., Mishra, B., Strickler, S., Mueller, L.A., Asif, M., and Mansoor, S. 2019. PLOS ONE 14:e0210011.

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