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Recent publications from the SIPS community – January 24, 2019

Influence of Genotype and Environment on Wheat Grain Fructan Content

Veenstra, L.D., Santantonio, N., Jannink, J.-L., and Sorrells, M.E. 2019. Crop Science 59:190-198.

Genotype × Environment Interactions and Stability in Organic Wheat.

Kucek, L.K., Santantonio, N., Gauch, H.G., Dawson, J.C., Mallory, E.B., Darby, H.M., and Sorrells, M.E. 2019. Crop Science 59:25-32.

Genetic Covariance of Environments in the Potato National Chip Processing Trial

Schmitz Carley, C.A., Coombs, J.J., Clough, M.E., De Jong, W.S., Douches, D.S., Haynes, K.G., Higgins, C.R., Holm, D.G., Miller, J.C., Navarro, F.M., Novy, R.G., Palta, J.P., Parish, D.L., Porter, G.A., Sathuvalli, V.R., Thompson, A.L., Yencho, G.C., Zotarelli, L., and Endelman, J.B. 2019. Crop Science 59:107-114.

Using Maize Chromosome Segment Substitution Line Populations for the Identification of Loci Associated with Multiple Disease Resistance.

Lopez-Zuniga, L.O., Wolters, P., Davis, S., Weldekidan, T., Kolkman, J.M., Nelson, R., Hooda, K.S., Rucker, E., Thomason, W., Wisser, R., and Balint-Kurti, P. 2019. G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics 9:189-201.

The Pattern of Straight Chain Hydrocarbons Released by Yucca Flowers (Asparagaceae)

Tröger, A., Svensson, G.P., Althoff, D.M., Segraves, K.A., Raguso, R.A., and Francke, W. 2019. . Journal of Chemical Ecology 45:46-49.

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