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Recent publications from the SIPS community – January 17, 2019

EGR2 phosphatase regulates OST1 kinase activity and freezing tolerance in Arabidopsis

Ding, Y., Lv, J., Shi, Y., Gao, J., Hua, J., Song, C., Gong, Z., and Yang, S. 2018. The EMBO Journal:e99819.

Anthropogenic influences on emergence of vector-borne plant viruses: the persistent problem of Potato virus Y

Gray, S.M., and Power, A.G. 2018. Current Opinion in Virology 33:177-183.

Phytophthora betacei, a new species within Phytophthora clade 1c causing late blight on Solanum betaceum in Colombia

Mideros, M.F., Turissini, D.A., Guayazán, N., Ibarra-Avila, H., Danies, G., Cárdenas, M., Myers, K., Tabima, J., Goss, E.M., Bernal, A., Lagos, L.E., Grajales, A., Gonzalez, L.N., Cooke, D.E.L., Fry, W.E., Grünwald, N., Matute, D.R., and Restrepo, S. 2018. Persoonia – Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi 41:39-55.

Insights into evolving global populations of Phytophthora infestans via new complementary mtDNA haplotype markers and nuclear SSRs

Martin, F.N., Zhang, Y., Cooke, D.E.L., Coffey, M.D., Grünwald, N.J., and Fry, W.E. 2019. PLOS ONE 14:e0208606.

Prospective Biomarkers from Plasma Metabolomics of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Implicate Redox Imbalance in Disease Symptomatology

Germain, A., Ruppert, D., Levine, S.M., and Hanson, M.R. 2018. Metabolites 8:90.

Targeted disruption of aphid transmission: a vision for the management of crop diseases caused by Luteoviridae members

Heck, M., and Brault, V. 2018. Current Opinion in Virology 33:24-32.

Construction of a high-density linkage map and QTL detection of downy mildew resistance in Vitis aestivalis-derived ‘Norton’.

Sapkota, S., Chen, L.-L., Yang, S., Hyma, K.E., Cadle-Davidson, L., and Hwang, C.-F. 2019.  Theoretical and Applied Genetics 132:137-147.


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