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Recent publications from the SIPS community – January 10, 2019

Bush encroachment dynamics and rangeland management implications in southern Ethiopia

Liao, C., Clark, P.E., and DeGloria, S.D. 2018. Ecology and Evolution 8:11694-11703.

Convergent evolution of a metabolic switch between aphid and caterpillar resistance in cereals

Li, B., Förster, C., Robert, C.A.M., Züst, T., Hu, L., Machado, R.A.R., Berset, J.-D., Handrick, V., Knauer, T., Hensel, G., Chen, W., Kumlehn, J., Yang, P., Keller, B., Gershenzon, J., Jander, G., Köllner, T.G., and Erb, M. 2018. Science Advances 4:eaat6797.

Introgression of Two Drought QTLs into FUNAABOR-2 Early Generation Backcross Progenies Under Drought Stress at Reproductive Stage

Anyaoha, C.O., Fofana, M., Gracen, V., Tongoona, P., and Mande, S. 2019. Rice Science 26:32-41.

Evaluation of Adapt-N and Realistic Yield Expectation Approaches for Maize Nitrogen Management in North Carolina

Osmond, D., Austin, R., Shelton, S., van Es, H., and Sela, S. 2018. Soil Science Society of America Journal 82:1449-1458.

Genome-wide genotyping of a novel Mexican Chile Pepper collection illuminates the history of landrace differentiation after Capsicum annuum L. domestication

Taitano, N., Bernau, V., Jardon-Barbolla, L., Leckie, B., Mazourek, M., Mercer, K., McHale, L., Michel, A., Baumler, D., Kantar, M., and van der Knaap, E. 2019. Evol Appl 12:78-92.

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