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Zaitlin honored in “Advanced in Virus Research”

-Magdalen Lindeberg

Zaitlin at the CSIRO lab in Australia in 1956

A special volume of Advances in Virus Research is dedicated to the memory of Milton Zaitlin (1927–2016), professor and virologist in Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology.  Zaitlin worked in plant virology for 50 years, was one of the founding members of the American Society for Virology (ASV), and organized the 1st meeting of the ASV at Cornell in 1982. His achievements were recognized by AAAS to which he was elected as a Fellow in 1969. He was made a Fellow of APS in 1978 and received the APS Award of Distinction in 2006.

The special volume includes a retrospective on his career, achievements, and legacy written by Peter Palukaitis of Seoul Women’s University and former faculty member in Plant Pathology and Plant Microbe Biology, and Marilyn Roosinck of Penn State University.

Seven chapters in the special volume are written by students, post-docs, and visiting scientists who worked with Zaitlin and went on to manage research programs focused on a variety of plant viruses. Among those still actively conducting research are Ervin Balázs, John Carr, Ralf Dietzgen, Fernando García-Arenal, George Lomonossoff, and Bill Wintermantel, in addition to Andy Jackson who has recently retired.

Zaitlin playing poker in 2016

Read more:

Chapter One – In Memoriam: The Career, Achievements, and Legacy of Milton Zaitlin.

Palukaitis, P., and Roossinck, M.J. 2018. Pages 1-21 in: Advances in Virus Research, P. Palukaitis and M.J. Roossinck, eds. Academic Press.

Complete volume

Milton Zaitlin, pioneer of plant virology, dies at 89 (Cornell Chronicle, March 2017)

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